Joy (wuzzly) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More Gets Plus ??

Hello everyone! I grab some pretty fun stuff off eBay recently and was curious to know if anyone could give me more information on this set? I believe these cards are for the Arceus Movie and were only released in Japan. What I am wondering is if anyone else has any of these cards for sale?

I mainly grabbed these for the Pikachu card but I am interested in possibly catch'em all since there are only 22. Btw, does anyone know where to buy the packs? 0_o I don't want to open the one I got. xD

Some of my recent Pikachu card gets :) That Shiny pikachu is so cool 8-)

As usual, anyone that has any Pikachu cards for sale that I do not have send me a message :) If you are selling Pokemon cards in general feel free to post too as I wouldn't mind taking a look. ^_^
Tags: wanted
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