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Happy Friday everyone! Gets and wants update

I hope everyone had a good week!

I wish I had taken a picture but I want to post anyways.

I now have a latios pokedoll to go with my latias!!!

whooo hoo! I will upload a picture soon.

and now for the obligatory, "help me out by looking at my

1. Sableye Clear kid
2. Sableye, mawile, nosepass, chimecho Zukan
3. Big latios/latias tomy plush
4. shadow lugia poke doll**************
5. mystery dungeon dialga plush***********
6. jakks pacific umbreon figure (i own flareon)***********************
7. jolteon friends plush
8. Jakks giratina origin forme figure*******************
9. dialga poke doll
10. rayquaza anything
11. gastly and haunter jakks figures
12. anything fennekin (my wife)
13. Druddigon MPC*******
14. Jakks Entei, Raikou, Suicune figures******************
15. Entei friends plush
15/2 Entei banpresto plush! the big one from 2000*****
16. Druddigon zukan
17. Entei PLAMOS figure**************
18. Entei clipping figure************
19.Entei 10th anniversary scale figure**********
20. Entei clipping figure from the zoroark movie*********
21. Entei kaiyodo figure/TCG figure*************

If you have any of these please let me know =D
Tags: wanted
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