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Updated Sales and Wants Post :)

Hey guys!
i updated my sales post with more plushes, so please come have a look!


- I was granted sales permission by dewott on 6th October 2012 -
- Here's the link to my feedback
- Prices are in USD -
- I ship from Singapore internationally -
- If you decide to pass on an item, please let me know -
- I will give priority to the first person committed over someone asking for a quote -
- Priority will also be given to the person who is willing to pay in full for the price over someone giving an offer -
- Shipping charges start at $5 for a standard sized pokedoll -
- I have easy access to a post office so i usually ship items within a week -
- All items have been kept in resealable bags since i've received them -
- All prices do not include shipping unless stated -
- I am not responsible for any lost packages if you do not want tracking (only an extra $2) -
- Tracking is compulsory for all orders totaling more than $50 after shipping -
- All Plushes will be mailed in a bubble mailer unless you request for a box -


MWT Pokemon Centre Tomy Flareon Plush - $35 OBO (Sold)
MWT Japanese Mow Rotom Pokedoll (2009 Version) - $20 OBO
MWT Japanese Mime Jr. Pokedoll (tag detached) - $28 OBO
MWT Canvas Totodile Plush - $26 OBO
MWT American Mudkip and Snorlax Pokedolls - $14 Each
MIP Mini Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon Pokedolls - $12 Each or take the set for $34

MWT Japanese Munchlax Pokedoll - $14 (Sold)
MWT Japanese Meloetta Pirouette Pokedoll - $18
(Aria Sold)

MWT American Pokedolls! - $14 Each (Left with Charmander and Palkia)
(Sold - Latios, Umbreon, Jolteon, Dialga, Squirtle, Lucario, Zorua)

Generation 5 3DS case (includes 3 styluses and 2 cartridge holders) - $12 Shipped

Thank you for your consideration :)

Tags: sales, trading, wanted
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