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Back from Japan GA!

Member wutastic is getting rid of a huge lot, so why not GA it?

This thing'll be run by dezi_kitsune and myself, with Dezi doing the bidding and shipping and myself doing the threads and spreadsheets!

1. Pkmncollectors rules apply.
2. There will be three payments: one for the lot plus domestic shipping to dezi and then shipping from them to you!
3. Please pay within 24 hours.
4. Dezi is shipping from the US.
5. Dezi will be claiming The little Tails Pikachu for $27, the Chibi Kyun Jolty for $12, and the Sylveon Soap Figure for $7
6. I'll be claiming the Little Tails Pikachu pair for $15, and the Pokemon night drawstring bag for $5
7. Bid in increments of at least $1.
8. Dezi's feedback is located here!  Sales permission given 9/24/13 by Allinia
9. My feedback is here! I was given sales permission by entirelycliched in April, 2012.

Auction ends Thursday, 27 February 2014 at 7:00:00 PM PST!

Seller Comments:

Incredibly large lot of Pokemon merchandise

Here is a list of all the items. Everything is in very good condition to brand new. All plush are tag protected by cardboard. I have already packed everything so I'm afraid I can't take any more photographs but feel free to ask about item specifics and I'll try my best.

Sorry but no international shippingIn the last four photos (the Rotom collection) some items pictured may not be included in the lot so please refer to the item list. Sorry for this, I forgot to take photos before I packed everything.

Clear files
N Reshiram
Tokyo Station Pokemon Center
Pokemon Time Latias (2 set)
Pokemon Time Latios (2 set)
Pokemon Time Flygon (2 set)
Pokemon Time Drifloon (2 set)


Jolteon 2009 red tag ver (detached)
Charizard 2010 ver (detached)
Rotom 2009 red tag ver
Mow Rotom 2009 ver


Little Tales Pikachu
Little Tales male/female Pikachu set
Helioptile MPC
Litleo MPC
Tokyo Station Pikachu
Tokyo Station Pikachu (detached tag)
I <3 Marine Matine
I <3 Marine Buizel (tush tag only)
I <3 Eevee Flareon keychain
I <3 Eevee Vaporeon keychain
I <3 Eevee Jolteon keychain
I <3 Eevee HQ Eevee (detached tag)
Pokemon Center Litleo (detached tag)
I <3 Gothic Absol
Pokemon Time Charizard
Jolteon friends
Jolteon Tomy
Throw Pokeball Rotom

Hard DS lite cover
clipping figure (new one with card)
Clipping figure (old ver, figure only)
Rotom Chou
Silver Rotom Chou
Rotom Tomy (with base)
Rotom attack kid
Rotom Jakks
Rotom kid
Rotom/frost Rotom UK zukan
Rotom/Frost/Spin Rotom JP zukan
Mow Rotom Chupa
Mow Rotom kid
Mow Rotom Chou
Mow rotom silver Chou
Rotom menko (kakumen retsuden?)
Frost Rotom Chupa
Frost Rotom kid
Frost Rotom Chou
Frost Rotom silver Chou
Heat Rotom kid
Heat Rotom Chupa
Heat Rotom Chou
Heat Rotom silver Chou
Heat/wash/mow Rotom JP zukan
Wash Rotom Chupa
Wash Rotom Chou
Wash Rotom silver Chou
Wash Rotom kid
Spin Rotom kid
Spin Rotom Chupa
Spin Rotom silver Chou
Spin Rotom Chou
Frost Rotom Pokemon night charm
Full Rotom set charms
60pk Rotom card sleeves
2009 Halloween candy bag (?)
2009 Pichu Halloween drawstring
Pokemon night drawstring
Pokemon night handkerchief
Pokemon night mug
Pokemon Halloween Pikachu decoration
Rotom promo keychain (full set)
Rotom/Riolu/Buneary/Pikachu handkerchief
2010(?) ghost promo Halloween notebook
Rotom bromide set (11 cards)
Rotom Battrio set
Rotom VS Shellos card
Rotom VS Barboach card
Card holder (used condition)
Rotom pencil
Rotom figure strap

Pokebox Jolteon strap
Jolteon mug
Chibi kyun chara Jolteon
Eevee ippai Jolteon X2
Jolteon Chupa
Jolteon kid (new ver, with sticker)

Pokemon curry stickers (31 stickers)
Small Leafeon cloth
Small Glaceon cloth
Pokemon cafe coaster
Pokemon ensky magnets (xerneas x2, yveltal x2, sylveon, flabebe, spritzee, Pikachu x3, slurpuff, Helioptile)
Tokyo bay Pokemon center charm set
Pokemon center Yokohama sticker x2
Tokyo bay Pokemon center (inkay/Pikachu) sticker x3
Glaceon Chupa
Noivern Chupa
Espeon Chupa
Flareon head rubber strap
Fennekin pin x2
Meowstic male pin
Pokemon time Drifloon strap x2
Pokemon time rayquaza strap
Pokemon time Latias strap
Pokemon time Flygon strap
Dent/Cilan badge strap
Gardevoir kid x2
Leafeon kid
Ampharos kid
Vaporeon kid
Pikachu iron tail kid (w sticker)
Noivern kid
Mewtwo kid
Rumble U Victini
Rumble U Zoroark x2
Rumble U Black Kyurem
Rumble U Piplup
Pikachu/team rocket mcdonalds toy
Pokemon X tramp card set
Pokedoll ichiban kuji cup/glass
Pokemon tretta set
Pokedoll tin
Xerneas metal coin (silver)
Fennekin metal coin (gold)
Chespin metal coin (black)
Inky metal coin (silver)
Vivillon metal coin (gold)
Pokemon Rangers JP game
Flareon/Umbreon/Eevee zukan



Added the other two Flygon straps, Latios Strap and Split up all the curry stickers!

Tags: group auction
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