Ɲøʀƙɨɑ (flag) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Beedrill! <3

I thought I'd take a quick photo of my up-and-coming Beedrill collection. :D

Zukan, in-case figure, dice tab, 151 can badge, TOMY figure, Kids figure and clear Full Color Stadium. The last two are the newest additions with many thanks to papersnow! :3 (I also got a Battle Museum Quilava with a STICKERED BASE, which makes my collector's OCD happy, but that's for another post~ <3)

Also, the following people still owe me payments for the bell keychain auction!

torakaka - $7.50 total for Wartortle
glacidea - $7.50 total for Pichu
anuvia - $8.50 total for Totodile

Please send payments to zaku_no_da at yahoo.com and include your name and what you won in the memo field.

Additionally, the keychains haven't arrived at SMJ's US office yet (according to the site at least), but I'll let everyone know when I request shipping for the lot! =3 Thanks for your patience~
Tags: beedrill
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