♡ Kami ♡ (pastelkittyy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
♡ Kami ♡

Sales, Pokemon Colosseum, and wants!

Hi guys! Spring swap has started and I haven't advertised my sales in a while, so here's a shameless sales plug. Click the banner below to see what I've got for sale! :3

I've also got Pokémon Colosseum and the bonus disc up for straight sale! Both come with their original cases and inserts. The cases have very faint scratches on the plastic but nothing noticable unless you look closely. I'm selling them together for $35 + shipping.

Also, I'm seeking these things in particular! They're limited to Japan I believe, and I haven't found them anywhere online... ;A;
MEGMILK Sleeping Sylveon and Pikachu box (Empty/drained) and this Sylveon PokeCen Pressed Coin.
Tags: arceus, dialga, eevee, giratina, ho-oh, mew, minun, palkia, plusle, sales, shaymin, sylveon, wanted
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