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TOMY question and some junkshop goodies

Hallo all!

I've got a few questions, and also wondering about some merchandise I picked up recently.
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

It's just a cardboard card, but no giveaway in the Japanese on the front or back as to what it is exactly.
Anyone know what these are called or where they're from? Does anyone have any in their collection?
I'd like to get some if there are more in specific Pokemon, but I have no idea what to search for. (><)

Got this little guy today, and I was curious what this was from, and when it was released. If anyone had any information on it, I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm really in the dark about pins/badges in general, and would like to learn a little more.
I recently saw some super old metal pins which looked almost identical to the older medal swing charms (even have that same glittery background). I couldn't find any info or pics, so I was wondering if anyone had any of these or knows anything about them?
I was also curious about any official released metal pins with characters or any kind of series release. I was having trouble finding any real info on pokemon pins in general, so if anyone has any information I'd love to listen.

And lastly! I was wondering if there was some kind of rarity guide (not price checks) for TOMY figures that collectors/sellers refer to? I sort of want to make a list of them in tiers based on rarity or if there already is something like that I'd love to see it.
I've been trying to read up on them but it's sort of hard to find reliable information so any collectors past experiences would be really helpful.

Thanks for looking! (^^;;)
Tags: charms, tomy
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