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updated sales! plush, figures, stickers, tcg and more! also, collection instagram~

Hey guys! I have updated my sales with new plush, figures, stickers, TCG and more for the upcoming spring swap! Come check it out! I am also offering free US shipping for orders over $15 until the end of this month!
(Note: I do ship internationally, but it's so expensive that I can't offer free shipping.. Sorry!)

I've also started an Instagram for my Pokemon collection! As a few of you may know, I used to co-run pokeplush on tumblr with a friend where we would post pictures of our plush collection. Unfortunately, that blog is now very, very inactive, but I've started up an Instagram account where I'll be posting semi-daily. All photos are of my current collection (expect lots of Sylveons, haha!) and are taken by me! Come check it out. My username is Pokepei. *u*

I am waiting on lots of goodies from various sites, so expect an amazing gets post soon!

I'm also wondering what kind of merchandise there is for Noibat and Noviern? I know there are the charms and the clearfiles, but have I missed anything? Thanks!!
Tags: canvas, dialga, entei, giratina, lugia, pikachu, pokedoll, sales, shaymin, shinx, suicune, sylveon, tepig, torchic, umbreon, zekrom
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