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Quick Sales~

Long time, no see, friends! Hope you've all been well.
I'm setting up a sales post in hopes of weeding out part of my collection, so please have a look!

Information: PLEASE READ.
*Approved for sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
*I ship from New Zealand, internationally. PLEASE NOTE: shipping totals to USD$11.00 for most items; yes, even for flats.
*All pkmncollectors community rules apply.
*I only accept payment as 'goods' via Paypal; please ensure to include your username and what you've purchased!
*Prices are shipping exclusive.
*Will hold items for 48 hours if committed to an item.
*Prices are in USD.
*Once again: shipping for items listed below will be ~$11.00 INTERNATIONALLY. It's likely the shipping will remain at $11.00 even if I ship 2-3 plush. PLEASE DO NOT request a quote if you aren't satisfied with this.

NB: All plush were stored in plastic bags on my shelves. Tags will be flawless unless specified.
If you want extra pictures of a certain item, please request them!

I love Eevee Umbreon DX plush: $26

I love Eevee Espeon DX plush: $25

Korotto Manmaru Eevee plush: $12

Shinx 2006 standing plush: $31

Shinx 2009 sitting plush - $28

Eevee 2009 canvases: $72 shipped.

Umbreon PC plush - $35
Vaporeon PC plush - $40
Espeon PC plush x2 - $ 26
Eevee PC plush - $ 23

Raichu pokedoll: $30 ON HOLD.
Shiny Magikarp pokedoll: $35

Mascot Eevee plush - $21
I Love Eevee Keychain - $9
Eevee Egg Plush - $18
Big Eevee Tail - $27
Small Eevee Tail - $14

(Note: all lamps are NIB, except for the jigglypuff above which I took out of its box to take a photo. According to the box, they are 'room lamps.' )
Jiggypuff 'room lamp' - $20.00 (purple base x1, brown base x2.)
Electabuzz 'room lamp' - $16.00
Pikachu on hat 'room lamp' - $33.00
Pikachu chibi stamp: $7.00

FREEBIES: free with $45+ purchase. Left: pikachu, genesect.

FREEBIES: free with any purchase, save for the togepi strap and plush card ($30+ purchase.) Left: vaporeon card, stickers to the top right, togepi strap, sticker sheets to left (partial.)

Thank you for looking, everyone!

Tags: eevee, espeon, sales, umbreon
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