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Melbourne Weekend Meet, March 2nd!

THIS MEET HAS BEEN CANCELLED! - This is due to my stellar advertising that most people forgot and made other plans to the point where it would actually only be two people going as far as I know, one of whom isn't feeling well anyway. Keep an eye out for a new post to advertise the new meet date where hopefully there will be a higher available attendance =)

Fffff I forgot one of us should make a thread on here. It's pannsie's fault ♥ my bad.

There is a Melbourne, Australia meet planned for Sunday 2nd March!

According to the forecast there is going to be 'a little afternoon rain' so maybe bring an umbrella. I know we discussed this a bit on facebook, but not everybody is on facebook/on my friend's list (and why the heck not?! D<). I'll be at Melbourne Central, under the clock at 11.30am(ish) and we'll move on from there when everybody arrives, or by 12pm at the latest if we've heard nothing from late comers. If anybody would like my phone number for contacting me about if you're going to be late/whatever, let me know in the thread and I'll PM it to you, and I'll be refreshing this thread on the day via my phone as well for any messages anyone might leave here. ♥ If you're going to be super late, no worries, just let us know so we're not waiting for you, and let us know when you DO arrive so we can tell you where to meet us.

So far I have:
firevie (along with the world's most adorable little pokemon collector, I'm assuming!)
my non-member(I think?) buddy from work

You guys all comfirmed on facebook last month, but I just want to double check you're all still game. Anyone else who I haven't mentioned, let me know in this thread so I can count you in and we don't leave the meeting point without youuuu!~ I shall update this list if anyone else is coming. =)

You'll need to bring at least one pokemon toy. Why? Because, that's why. Also nerd solidarity. We always plan to take photos and it never happens. BUT IT COULD THIS TIME! ='D Okay so it's not vital, but y'know.

Also, a non-meet related question. Is pokemon collecting your most expensive hobby?

I've found from avoiding pokemon collection sites (mostly) the last month that I've been able to afford to order two BJDs plus have money saved up for another important non-hobby thing. Now, I am in a few other hobbies and collections, and I wouldn't have actually thought this when you compare it to $500+ BJDs, sometimes pricey and numerous Monster High dolls and such. But I suppose it's the constant influx of releases from the pokemon center and all the other licensed pokemon manufacturers, and the mark-ups on items that we non-Japanese-based collectors need deputies/pick-ups for. It really made me wonder if it is just the way I collect, or if it's other pokemon collectors that have found that the price of this hobby is so great too? What about those of you who collect multiple non-related things like me? Or those of you who only collect one or two pokemon as opposed to those of you who collect everything you like?

Just something I've been thinking about ♥ I'd love to hear your views!

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