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Princess ♔

New (mostly Sylveon) Gets! and a quick want!

Hey guys! I got a few new exciting gets in the mail today that I wanted to share!

First up is the get I'm most excited about !

The Pikachu, Eevee, and Sylveon shitajiki! Oh I've wanted this for a long while now and I'm glad to finally own it, it's so super cute, I love sleepy Pokemon <3

Next up is the english pokemon center Sylveon plush!

this was picked up by rgmusashi thank you so much I love her <3 I kinda want to get a second, we'll see!

Here it is next to its Japanese counterpart, they look very similar and are so soft <3

Next some stickers from shirohikarikaze, ahh the Sylveon ones are so cute of course

The fairy focus tote bag, it's smaller than I thought it was going to be but that doesn't make it any less cute. This was a present from my friend for Valentine's day <3

These absolutely adorable charms were made by pastelkittyy They're so adorable in real life, I just adore them!! A perfect addition to my collection, thank you so much <3

And last but not least, besides Sylveon I also collect the Fennekin line! And here's the Braixen plush I got a few days ago, she's absolutely perfect ;o; She can't quite stand up on her own without a little help but that's okay. I really need to show off my fire fox collection soon !

And that's about it ! I got a few other things but my camera died as I was taking these haha. I'm working on updating my Sylveon collection with photos of all my things, I'll make sure to show that off once it's done, I'm pretty happy with the amount of things I have c:

And now for a quick want, I posted about this a few days ago but I'm seeking the Sylveon birthday crown that came along with the birthday cards

I have the card it came with and a crown but with Jolteon on it, I'd love to get the Sylveon one, please let me know if anyone has one that wants to sell or know where I could find one I'll love you forever <3

And thank you everyone for looking !

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