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Bell plush Offers, Regular Sales, and More!

Hello all!

Today some lovely little plush came in and as I don't collect most of these, they are going up for offers to you the fair comm!
(I did keep a few for myself hehe)

Bell plush
Some plush will start at $20, most will be at $50, and the rarer ones will be at $100.

I am also taking offers on these items as well:

shiny plush
Charizard shiny Custom Pokedolls Start at $50
Spheal traded.

slowbro christmas
Slowbro Christmas Tree Figure starts at $30
Shadow Lugia (legit) starts at $75

Pokemon Bath salt MIP starts at $10

Togepi 1/1 starts at $10
Lucario starts at $100

16" kyogre starts at $80
Prototype budew starts at $75

Please read the rules before making offers!
Offers will last one week and end on March 3, 2014 at 10 PM PST.
The countdown can be found here.

Sales permission given on March 15, 2013 by Allinia
My feedback is here.

I do offer payment plans :)
1I accept Paypal
4Please bid in no less than $1 increments
7I ship from Washington state USA
132I can take better pictures when asked. :)
76Shipping domestically in a box is about $5.80 w/ tracking and $4.14 in a bubble mailer.
83Shipping Internationally in a box starts at $16.15 and can go up depending on location. In a bubble mailer it starts at $6.50.
93Payment is due 24 hours after winning or Haunter will get you! Lol
As these came with other plush, their boxes are a bit bent and banged up.
All plush seem fine and all have their strings and bells.

Bell plush1
Bulbasaur $50
Charmander $50
Vileplume $20

bell plush2
Wartortle $50
Ivysaur $50
Charmeleon $50

bell plush3
Caterpie $100
Butterfree $100
Pidgy $50
Pidgeotto $50

bell plush4
Red pika $20
Blue pika $20
Green Pika $20
Meowth $100

bell plush5
Hitmonchan $20
Poliwag 1 (left)  $20
Poliwag 2 (right) $20
Chansey $50

bell plush6
Scyther $100
Kabutops $100
Lapras $50
Machop $20

bell plush7
Sandshrew $20
Dragonaire $50
Slowpoke $100
Slowbro $100

Both traded

bell plush8
Zapdos $100
Articuno $100
Jolteon $100
Flareon $100
shiny plush
Custom offers @ $50 each

slowbro christmas
Slowbro Offers @ $30
Lugia Offers @ $75

Offers @ $10

Offers @ $10

Offers @ $100

Offers @ $80

Offer @ $75

I also have some lots and many more items in my sales journal!

Click here to be teleported!

Please don't comment or offer until all the threads are up!
Threads are up! Offer away!
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