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Time for some sales!

I am trying to get a wee bit of money in my paypals to buy something special thus I offer these to you! :D I managed it! :D

I hope you find something you like! :D

Chimchar set Asking 2.75 (Includes 1 rare, 2 Uncommons and 3 commons)

Glameow Set Asking 3.00$ (Includes 2 rares, an uncommon and two commons)

Croagunk Set Asking 2.50 (Includes 2 rares and 2 commons)


Old Holos one dollar each, Clefairy sold

New Holos - Pachirisu $1.50 Sceptile 2$ Entei .50 cents SOLD Kabutops 1$ SOLD

Glaceon 1$, Vileplume 1$ Pikachu .75


1. I will refuse you business if you have sucky feedback.

2. Paypal only right now, and no trades.

3. Domestic shipping is 3 dollars for 3-D and 1 dollar for flat. This covers shipping cost (first class), the paypal fee and any materials I might need to purchase, such as a bubble mailer. International will be slightly higher, I will give you a quote.

4. I will try to get out items as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that I am a busy college student and ALSO that Hurricane Hanna is currently on its way to my location (should hit Friday-ish). :P

Thank you! :D :D

Everything shipped! I keep updating this post because it is still on the front page, lol. xD (Except for the echeck)
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