Hellblaze (waspxbee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tyrannosaur Get!

Just a tiny little get today that finally came in the mail on ebay straight from Japan!


So small how I can hold both of his legs! I am so grateful for Nintendo to make a Tyrannosaur finally. Trex is my fave dino and I collect them. If Tyrantrum plush comes out I will get it! Right now my sights are set on Pumpkaboo when it shows up on ebay. I don't care if it's from Japan or China. Knowing China though they will stock up alot of them so I will try and nab one from the right seller. I just have to sit and wait for them to release it. I'm just happy now I got this cutie! Now he's my 2nd fave plush next to Zekrom and Charizard! <3 I haven't gotten around to show you all the collection on Pokemon plush I currently have but with the plush from X and Y coming out it's gonna have to be on hold until I decide which ones to buy. Tyrunt here was my main get after hearing about this cutie pie!
Tags: collection
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