Lati Queen (seouldew) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lati Queen

Spring cleaning + tiny get + someone wanna split a lati with me?!

Hi everyone! Of course it's been a long time but I'm still lurking +__+ today I did some spring cleaning and re-arranged my Latibutts PLUS I added my pokemon time folders ♥ heeeee

Collection shots:


BABESSSSS. I love pokemon time gotta get more.

also heres my kite thats not new but I have no way of displaying it sobs.

I have so much it can't all possibly be pictured but yes I NEED TO UPDATE MY SITE.....maybe this summer T_T or sooner!

Also if you want to see my settei click here!

Also I've seen THIS on ebay and I only need the Latias...would anyone want to go halfsizes for the Latios? It would be about $45 each not including shipping but these guys are pretty rare! And in the off chance someone has the Latias and they want to sell it please tell me ^^ and of course as always if you have something not pictured let me know!

Also show me your Lati collection pls if you have!! Thanks all :)
Tags: latias, latios
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