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Intro and Zukan get

 Howdy all! I'm Rei and I joined this community a little while back, just sort of sitting back in the community, popping in every now and then and grabbing up various things from sales as I saw them, figured it was about time I introduced myself!

Well I'm 21, an Art student, and a long time oldschool pokemon fan. I got into pokemon in the 5th grade, so back when I was about 11, and it's always held a special place for me because drawing pokemon is what made me was to take drawing seriously so many ages ago.  I honestly have a lot of favorites when it comes to pokemon, Sandshrew and Growlithe always being big ones from when I would horde them on Red and Blue version. I've always been a big plush/figure collector, I useed to have literately hundreds upon hundreds of figures, majority official.

Unfortunately when I moved to college my mother gave pretty much everything I didn't take with me away 8C thats literately hundreds of dollars in these figures. I'm just glad I took my favorite plushes with me.  I will post pictures of my recovering collection as soon as I get unpacked [I recently moved out of my apartment].  I also would like to at some point open a store here since I have many japanese markets available to me around where I live, thus I could help people get newer products, but that will come later depending on what mod's decide when I ask.

I'm also making this entry to share a recent Get from Ebay, that will be my first Zukan's <3

I bid on this for the Feraligator and Palkia Zukans and was surprised I actually won <3  If I'm allowed to ask, I may be willing to take trades on the others. But yes, I'm very giddy since I also have a serious irl love for alligators having worked with them before <3 

So yeah, happy to meet you all c:! Look for a collection post from me in the future!

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