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Small collection update!

Small update! I have some some other things on the way but until then:

Shinx plushes, you're all miiiine
I decided to collect plush!Shinx and I currently have 4/4, so far so good :D
Jakks and canvas plush are from eBay, huge DX plush from Y!japan (thank you Crescent Shop!!!) and the Pokedoll from the infamous tksama~yay

I had to have Lopunny too:
The Kip was a surprise gift from my friend who I haven't seen for a long time. She randomly called me few days ago and gave me the plush ;___; I don't deserve this <3 <3 <3 I'm the worst friend ever.
Lopunny likes him! See their happy smiles?

But nothing could beat the awesome that is juumou's Paras:
I love him SOOOOOOOO but I'll post better pictures later, stitching on one of his claws(?) is a bit loose so I have to fix that first (I bet the people at customs took him out of the box arrrrr D:<) but nothing changes the fact he's my favorite.plush.ever. EVER!

Since I showed Paras here's the zukan I recently got:
Parasect has ping-pong balls instead of eyes apparently :D And Paras is so tiny!

Got this zukan today:
I always loved Persian in the games. Comparing to other zukans she's kinda small but her face is all cunning and meowrrrr!
As for the Arbok zukan... I like Arbok but I would totally trade(or partially trade?) it for any of these zukans:
-Rattata/Raticate (I NEED THIS)
-Nidoran/Nidorina/Nidoqueen (females only)
-Magby/Magmar (NOT the one with Magmortar)
-Bulba/Ivy/Venu/saur (yeah I wish XD)

I know this community was recently flooded with zukan but just in case: I found this German person on eBay selling various zukans for relatively good price, here here here and here.

And that's it! See you next time With ratties, bulbas and hopefully bats too :D
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