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First Collection Post!

So I finally took the time to organize my shelves and get my collection to a somewhat decent state.

[Umbreon Used Faint Attack~]
069Umbreon and Espeon Keychain Plush
070 My I heart eevee espeon and umbreon.
071 Banpresto Umbreon and Espeon, Espeon and Umbreon rubber face straps w/ their gachapan balls, and Umbreon I heart eevee tin.
072 My small Pokemon Time collection.
074 The Marine corner.
075 My randoms lol.  The two pokedolls were actually my first two pieces and got me to start collecting.  They were both presents from my Kari baby.  And now thanks to her my wallet will forever be empty.  JK love ya girl.
076Figures.  I hope to get some more small figures to put up as well.

Thanks for looking!
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