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[Collection update//]

In the relative lull of my life (I think my schedule would drive anyone else insane, but it's actually designed to keep me sane XD) I come forth with offshoot collection updates!

As you all know, I am a major fan of Eeveelutions, and the Lions, and more recently, Skymin, but I have always loved the dark dogs.
Owing to the fact I seem to have got the majority of big things for my collections before Skymin landed, I gathered a lot of dark doggies :D

Doom dogs! I think I actually have completed the collecting of the Houndooms. As for the houndours, I think I'm just going to have to sneak into garefowl's room while she sleeps :3 ...
...*creepy grin*
:3 :3 :3

My favourite items here are a toss between the houndoom clip and the large PVC houndour <3

Once again I think I'm pretty close to end-game here (complete with token posessed-by-devil booty). The megabloks and the stadium figure were gifts from penanna ♥ ♥
The rest I was lucky, and caniving, and up way too late!
I am curious to know what else I'm missing. I don't recall anyone else who collects the 'yenas on the comm ever posting collection pics (if you're reading, do it, do it now) so I haven't a clue what I'm missing, apart from a bajillion poochy things an the mightyena kid!

Anyone up for icon commisshes? (don't shoot the messenger prease)

And chat is always in the gutter, come join for lots of lols xD
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