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A wild FromJapan box appeared!

 photo sylveonssssss082_zps2a2d9ca0.jpg

 photo sylveonssssss083_zps500ae3c3.jpg

My FJ box came in today! Soooo happy :D and it's filled with so many awesome things!

 photo sylveonssssss084_zps486abd80.jpg

Obligatory pumpkaboo MPC, I will NOT collect pumpkaboo, but how can you resist a round little plush like this <333

 photo sylveonssssss088_zps8f06eb1e.jpg

The new sylveon tretta game peices! SO cute, I really love the poses here :) especially where she's showing her little teethies!

 photo sylveonssssss089_zps4a5881af.jpg

 photo sylveonssssss087_zps183d332a.jpg

And I got this neat card! I'm not sure what it is really, but it's cute and it has sylveon on it and information I can't read on the back xD! I have another card like it with serena on it in lumiose, they're really neat :)

 photo sylveonssssss091_zpsa0f9c27b.jpg

Cute sylveon clearfile! Thise one is pretty teensie compared to my other clearfiles!

 photo sylveonssssss092_zps49efb9f6.jpg

Gotta love some sylvey socks! They came iwth pikachu ones too :) Sylveon now has two pairs of socks, to keep your feet nice and pink xD! <3333

 photo sylveonssssss090_zps9ad64e9f.jpg

A new pan sticker! And she's SO happy to see you :DD

 photo sylveonssssss086_zps1c38a1f7.jpg

Couldn't resist this guy >u< what a handsome fellow with his little wizard pose! I love the delphox line so much they're hard to resist!

 photo sylveonssssss085_zps8daa1b02.jpg

And I had to get the braixen tretta peice, he's lookin' scrappy xD! And I love this pin because fennekin art holding a little stick is the CUTEST <3

 photo sylveonssssss093_zps83860c32.jpg

And last but not least! I finally found a missing peice to my latias magnet :) SO happy <333

Anyway thanks for reading my quick little update! Have a relaxing sunday everyone :)

Tags: braixen, delphox, fennekin, latias, latios, sylveon
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