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That time has come again, for me to raep your internets with lots and lots of pictures! 8D  Thankfully I am not an evildoer and will use a cut.  A lot of the pokemon I am posting pics of here are older ones, so they may have some paint damage on them, or generally not be AS good as some I've posted before.  Just FYI.

So, here again are more pokemon I've made!


First pic

Mamoswine from another angle!

Group pic of a varying assortment of pokemon.  I really had no theme here. XD

Luvdisc!  And a very well-used desk.

Water-type extravaganza!  I can only assume Tentacruel didn't want to be in this shot because he thinks he's better than the other water-types.

Some rather celestial pokemon


Onix and Steelix.  Unlike Gyarados, I did not make them with entire bodies, only being the first few segments.  That Gyarados, while I love how it turned out, is a huge paint to store.

Grass-type starters!  I haven't made any starter stage 2s for fourth gen yet.

Water starters.  I won't be posting fire-starters because I have not made Blaziken or Infernape yet, and I have already posted Typhlosion.

Water starters from the side, for more details.

Aerodactyl, a pretty big one.  Those wings very delicate.

Soft underbelly.

More fossils . . . And yes, I made Kabutops have blooood on his blades.  I painted him a long time ago. >_>;

Hitmons!  I'm glad they didn't add a new one this generation.  Though, really, they could have added a special-based one, hmm.

Group shot, Kangaskhan, Golem and Bronzong.  Bronzong is the only new one here.

Bronzong up close, so you can see my many errors. D:  He was a particularly difficult one, which is kind of surprising.

This is one of the Gengars I've made.  I made it rather stylized, as the first one I made was rather normal looking and I wasn't satisfied with it.  People either seem to love it or laugh at it, but I love it, myself.  I am particularly fond of his smile.

Sidish view

Back.  Why is a ghost so spiky?

Another group of fairly small ones.  All of them are new except Abra.

Shinx up close.  His nose is a little too big, but I wanted to point out the black cirles in his eyes.  I painted those on with a toothpick. XD

Rotom came out sweet.

Grass-types!  Turtwig is too front-heavy and tends to fall on his face a lot.  Poor little guy.

Group pic.  I cut up a clear plastic binder for Ninjask's wings.  I did the same for Yanmega before his untimely demise.  Ditto looks very cute to me. XD

So I will show him up close!  He looks like chewing gum, I love him. XD

Houndoom!  Some paint damage on him, but I think he came out pretty well.  Quadrapeds are generally more difficult than other things (though, they don't hold a candle to that origin Giratina. XD)

The tongue pokemon.  Lickilicky is new.

And of course I had to make them with removable tongues.  Really, Lickitung looks pretty alarmed about that.

Ho-h!  I think the only legendary who hasn't appeared in a movie, lol.

 Another angle on Ho-oh. :)

Poochyena, Sableye, and Trapinch!  Like Turtwig, Trapinch is a little front-heavy.

Slightly different views of them.  I put jewels on Sableye's back!

One 'eon from each generation!  I still need to make Glaceon, and I cannot find Espeon currently.  I will post the whole family as soon as I have them, though!

I wanted to show them from the side, too. ^^

Final pic!  The legendary pixies!
I hope everybody likes these as much as they've liked the others.  I want to thank everyone for the wonderful and enthusiastic comments they've been leaving me. :)

I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to do photo-stories this time, but I will soon!

I can't officially do commisions in the community, but if anyone is interested in a commision outside of it, please e-mail me at cuchonchuir at gmail dot com, or contact me on MSN or AIM.  My e-mail for MSN is comradepikachu at hotmail dot com and my AIM name is musketwombat.  I am usually on MSN.

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