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Hi community,

I've made dramatic progress on my collection in the last year or so and was wondering if anyone had the following Pokemon Tomy figures. I am mainly seeking a Tomy Nidorino at this time and would be willing to pay in the range of $50+ for him, provided the seams are in place and the overall condition.  Please let me know if you have one for sale/trade or if you know of any place that has one for sale or auction.  I may even be interested in purchasing a box set with him in it if the price is right.

A big THANK YOU to pogaf for helping me get this little guy!  :)

The rest that I need are on this list including replacements.  I just need the bases for two of the toys, but I am willing to also buy the toys with bases too if the price is right.  The figures that I've high-lighted in bold are the ones I'm after the most right now and will offer good money for them.  :D

Pinsir (not the American release)
Sharpedo (Base)
Kirlia (Base)
Tomy Nurse Joy Trainer

Let me know if you have any of these toys for sale or trade.
Thank you bunches.  <333
- Kiwi
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