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Button Jointed Plush Commissions


Hello all! Today I will be taking four(?) slots of button-jointed plushie commission!
Just click the cut below to learn more!

Click each image to see it on my dA!

Sales permission granted by allinia on 8/8/12.
All prices in USD.
I only accept payment via paypal, sorry.
I ship from the US, but will ship internationally.
I have five cats, and sometimes they get in my stuff (pesky little critters), but i'll try to clean them to the best of my abilities.
Feel free to ask for progress pictures or a sketch of the final product.
I do accept trades! More on that later.
These are first come first serve!
Examples above!

Pricing/What I can Make
Starts at $25 each
A more complex plush (such as vulpix, ho-oh, or goodra) will be $30
A very complex plush (such as arcanine, groudon, or eboar) will be $35
Feel free to ask the complexity level of any pokemon
They are about 4" tall.
A bigger one will be more, feel free to get a quote.
Shipping has the flat rate of $5 for everyone.
Fleece or felt. (+$10 for ultra cuddle)
Button Jointed
You have a choice for the eyes; Either buttons, beads, small embroidery, or sewed on.
They'll take a week or two to make.
I can make any pokemon, pony (my little pony), and ask me about anything else.

If you have something I want, I would love to trade!
I do plush trades! As in, custom plush for custom plush!
I will do a trade for any of the official items below as well!
-> Goomy Pokemon Center Plush
-> Leafeon Jakks Plush
-> Umbreon Halloween Plush
-> Vulpix Canvas Plush
-> ANY Mareep Plush
-> Mawile Time Plush
-> Zigzagoon Banpresto Plush
I might accept any of the below items!
-> Starly  Canvas Plush
-> Throh/Sawk/Ho-oh Pokedol
-> Ask me about any pokedoll, vulpix, throh/sawk, goodra, or starly item
-> Poochyena Plush
-> I also love the pokemon:glameow, eeveelutions, suicune, ho-oh, mawile, poochyena, whiscash, charizard, mega charizard y, and groudon, so you can try my on any items of those!
-> Nidorina Hasbro Plush
Oh gosh sorry for so much typing! Anyway, Just comment below for a quote, or if you want to do a trade!

Tags: custom, plush
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