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I need to get rid of all my extra cards... selling individually is more profitable overall BUT way too time-consuming for me now. So, I'm selling them in a big lot.

I've been grandfathered into sales permission.

Policies: Paypal and US postal money orders accepted
Payment is due within 24 hours of your claim, unless sending a money order of course!

Sales Preview... Cut the cut to see more pictures!

If my math is right, I have 405 TCG cards, with some duplicates not counted. Close to 50 rares and promos, English and Japanese, from both old and newer sets. The quoted numbers don't include trainer cards! The cards are all in good condition except for less than five older cards that have damage. I don't have time to check and see which of these they are.

Here are some previews, this is NOT all the cards, just a sampling. There's 23 pages in the album, with 22 of those pages full on both sides.

There's also eight TCG tins included with this lot, with some goodies inside them. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Trainer cards of all rarities from sets both new and old.

A bunch of Topps chroma cards- these are thick and kind of sharp xD They have a really awesome embossed holographic effect! They're a variation on the regular old Topps cards, kinda hard to find.

A bunch of non-TCG cards including a rare EON TICKET!

Empty wrappers from a variety of sets, plus a little baggie of stickers and stamp rally stamps.

What I'm asking for this big set is $50 + shipping. I hope you'll agree that it's a bargain! And yes, the binder with sleeves is included :)
US shipping: $18
Canada: $44
UK: $65
Australia: $68

Let me know if you're interested :) I don't have time to go into detail over what cards are specifically in the lot aside from the preview photos, hope that's okay!
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