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Introduction + Newbie here!

Hello everyone!I'm new here!

I am Ida from Singapore and I stumbled upon this community while looking for Pokemon-related stuff. I only got back into Pokemon last year due to my fondness for the Subway Twins and Pokedoll plushies. However, I was too reluctant to join the community as my collection is pretty small as compared to most of the collectors here but I still want to share my collection with others.

So, a little bit about myself.

When I was young, I collect Pokemon merchandise (mostly the Tomy figures) but threw them all away when I reached 13 because I thought I was too "old" for Pokemon. I regretted my actions. Now, I am slowly rebuilding my collection. I am into Pokemon plushies, mostly Pokedolls and UFO banpresto! I collect Tomy figures too but those are on hold for the time being due to lack of space. If I have a word to describe my collection, it would be "RANDOM. I don't have a specific Pokemon collection. I collect anything that I find "cute" or have nice craftmanship.

Aside from Pokemon, I collect other things such as Tomica Cars, Anime/Manga Figurines, artbooks and those cute erasers that are in shape of food/pots/scissors but those were put on hold so I can concentrate on my Pokemon collection.

Sadly, I share a room with my bro who is a hardcore collector of Transformers(He has over 300+ and is still growing) so I have to limit my collection due to space constraints.

Here are some pics of collection.

My plush collection so far. So many Water types! As you can see, I don't have a shelf so I put them on my bed or on my desk.

I'm planning to protect their tags like this. I can't seem to find a protector here (maybe I'm not searching hard enough) But this works too! I'm so OCD with tags XD.

Some kids figures and other Pokemon figures. I didn't realise they were very messy. (whoops) I'm planning to expand my Subway Master collection a bit. Perhaps get their Pokemon Mate straps, Rubber straps, Pin badges..I like their design a lot. I have a lot of catching up to do.

And of course, my Tomy figures.

I'm sorry if this is lengthy but I appreciate your time reading this!
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