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Gatr Gets and More!

Hi community! I come again with a long overdue gets post. I've had most of this stuff for a while now, but I tend to keep buying more so I'm constantly in a state of waiting for things to arrive haha. It's mainly Gatr gets coming up, with a few customs and other bits and pieces ^-^

Image heavy post ahead!


First up are the figures I've gotten. Some a from Noppin, and others are from community members (I forget who though >-<)

Totodile coin bank. You can't see it in the photo, but it's a bit shimmery in real life.

Totodile suction cup figure - I love his dancing pose ^-^

Feraligatr minicot. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with this figure! I love chibi chubby gatrs X3

I love the pose of this one too - it's a bit more unique compared to most other gatr stuff.

Poke Box Gen II pin. I love this so much! If I could I would've gotten all of them - but I ended up deciding to get the one for my favourite gen, which is lucky since it features Totodile :D

First plush is the Pokemon Petit Totodile - he's adorable. My Walky Dile is one of my favourite plush, and the Petit are very similar in style.

And I also managed to get a Jakks Totodile. I know a lot of community members don't seem to think too highly of Jakks plush, but I love all the ones I have, especially this cutie Dile :3 It took me a while to get one because the few I found for a decent-ish price had ridiculous shipping charges. Shipping to Australia is not fun :( I finally found one on ebay that wasn't too pricey, and thought "Heck, might as well."

This guy's a bootie, so I won't go into too much detail. I was pretty surprised to find him to be honest.

I also got some Gatr customs! This cutie is by SilkenCat on deviantart. We did a plush art trade and she made me this guy.

I commissioned colocho_robotto to make me this guy. He has sculpted features which I thought was really unique, and he's really well made.

This gorgeous watercolour is by ktmonkeyj who did an amazing job.

And lastly for gatrs, I got this custom Pokedoll tag from dokurog who also did an incredible job. I've admired her tags for a long time, so I was really happy when she took my commission. As I'm sure you've all gathered by now, Feraligatr is my favourite Pokemon. Gen II was a bit lacking with some merch, and the final evo starters never got Pokedolls, which are my favourite line of plush. I've been planning a pattern for a Feraligatr Pokedoll for a while now, so when I do get round to making him he'll have a tag ready for him. So, thank you so much Dokurog!

Other gets include a Magby Pokedoll from faiarrow's massive Pokedoll auctions. I've been after her for a while, so I was lucky to get her without any competition.

Then there's this adorably dopey Slowpoke with an apple, also made by SilkenCat.

Mareep, Flaaffy and Vulpix Poke Box charms.

Little known fact! I'm actually really fond of Meowth, but only really quadruped "regular" Meowth. Unfortunately since Team Rocket's Meowth is prominent in the anime, pretty much all merch and even game sprites are based on him and are bipedal. This makes it a bit hard for me to collect Meowth, since I'm really picky about what I get. The following charm was a random find (does anyone know what it is?) and the plush was something I never thought I'd own.

Super cute charm! I love cats, so with a cute playful pose like this, how could I not get it?

And finally, Kutakuta Meowth!

This guy is adorable! I love him so much, and I've currently got him snoozing on my desk next to my laptop X3

Thank you so much for reading this massive post, and I'll leave you with my in-game Gatr Wani-Wani, who I can finally stuff with sweets and give belly rubs to ^w^

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