Riraito (niraito) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New member! Entei wants + other stuff

Hi there! I'm new and I'm so glad I got accepted! I'm Riraito (sadly, that name was taken already) and I'm from the Netherlands.

Entei is my favourite Pokémon and I've almost completed my TCG collection of Entei cards. I'm still looking for some very rare cards including the Japanese Entei gold star and the Entei Rally promo. I don't know how many Japanse TCG collecters there are here, but it won't hurt to post this here ^^

I've collected English cards for years but I've recently switched to Japanese cards. I'm so excited for Wild Blaze <3

I've also fallen in love with Litleo and Espurr (who doesn't love those eyes?) and I'm still looking for both their plushes. I hope Sunyshore will have them in stock soon! Not sure if my bank account is going to like all of this..

I'll post some pictures once I figure out how, but there's not very much to show yet. Just a loooot of cards and one Entei Pokédoll :3 (And a crapload of empty packs and boxes, I never throw those away..)
Tags: wanted
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