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Wynaut Introduction

Hello everybody, my name is Megan. I joined the community in January. It's been delightful to see your collections and interact with you all.

I've started collecting Wynauts. Their big smiles cheer me up when I feel blue :) I also like Wynaut because she can be challenging to use in battle. We must predict the enemy's attack correctly... So far, my collection includes two plushies, some flats, and a swarm of various figures:

Wynauts are enjoying my bookshelf until I find a more permanent spot for them. Many thanks to xxstarcassxx, sarynplasmagale, helloskitty, and agui_chan for getting me started!

These plushies were the first items I bought. I really enjoyed battling with my Wynaut in Pokemon X, so I decided to get a plushie. They're nicknamed Hope and Joy :)

A variety of flats, including puzzle pieces and book pages. The crying Wynaut puzzle pieces are especially adorable - but how can Wynaut be sad? :(

Figures and cards here, including a kid figure, two European candy figures, a Bobble head (cake topper?), Pokedex figure, chocoball figure, and two others I have yet to identify. Can anyone help? The unknown Wynauts are the tiny one up front and the one in the middle with his ears/arms up.

Along with figures, xxstarcassxx also sent me a sweet drawing and note! Thank you ^_^

Wobbuffets are trying to supervise...but they are outnumbered!

A little more about me: I live in the USA and work as an information professional. I was introduced to Pokemon in the 90's when I played Pokemon Snap with my brother. We had fun labeling the great photos that we took :3 The first traditional game that I played was Pokemon X, so I'm a beginner when it comes to Pokemon.

I've also started collecting some Minccino and Cinccino and would like to collect Leafeon in the future, too. Wynaut is my focus for the moment, though. Thanks for reading :)
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