Ali (accio_pond) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Wants for my new main collection! :)

Don't know if anyone saw my post before, but I've decided to start collecting Keldeo as apart of my main collection! I'm so excited about this! So I've updated my wants with a few Keldeo items to get myself started. I'm mainly looking to trade/partial trade for some of this stuff since I still have a LOT of TCG/other plush to get rid of. Check out my sales for more info!

Here are the current Keldeo items I'm looking for!

Keldeo Pokedoll - PRIORITY
Would prefer to have hang tag, but if not it's fine.

Retsuden Stamp

Keldeo Deckbox - PRIORITY

Charms - Normal forme is my current priority.
Would prefer it w/o the cardboard/plastic packaging. Loose charms = fine.
Tags: wanted
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