Gastidri (raikourai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Victory get and a question

Hello everyone!

I would be back with a small get of oh great victory ^^


As it started i bought a Victini pokecenter plush in order to motivate and reward myself for finishing my bachelors thesis. Well he arrived today and that meant i cannot open his box until i finish. Well the day ended successfully and i finished on time to open him finally :3

I am so happy that Lil Victini arrived! He is so cute and so perfect :)


This plush has been growing on me for quite a while, and i am happy to get him at the perfect occasion. Actually i usually attach sentimental value to each plush i get, and try to keep my only those plush to which i am attached.

Onto the question, i wanna know what you guys think. Do you get any plush what you think is cute justbecause, or do you attach value to these plushies?

Lil Riding Victini as an ending photo :)))


Also a shameless sales plug

Tags: victini
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