Stephy Sanrio (stephysanrio) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Stephy Sanrio

Today is march the 3rd you know what that means?!?? :))

It's been a month since I been a member here =D
I just wanted to say how happy I am I found this cmnty! I am like 20 figures away to finish collecting 1st generation of pokemon tomy figures =) but those are the hardest to get ! (I did get a lot of fake figures I wasn't aware of though) :(

I will post new pictures of my updated collection once I come back from my trip! Hopefully someone can help me spot the fake figures I would have to replace >_<

Anyway... Here is my updated list of NEEDS/WANTS

Tags: aerodactyl, bellsprout, ditto, electrode, gastly, kabutops, koffing, machoke, magmar, muk, nidorino, paras, parasect, pidgey, rhyhorn, shellder, tangela, victreebel, voltorb, weepinbell, zubat
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