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collection update!! - sorry, listing on the GB ended :c

edit: looks like the ending listed. :c sorry! if it's relisted by the seller, i'll try the group buy again!

On another note, I have a collection update under the cut including an item that I have searched long and hard for! Please check it out!

2014-03-03 14.50.24
So first off, we have a cute Tomy pose change figure! I got it MIB and I've got this weird thing about keeping things in their original packaging.. But my friend midnitekitten17 convinced me to open it up from the bottom and tape it back up for display, hahaha! It also came with a little candy that was pretty good!

I also finally, finally got a Sylveon MPC! As some people might know, I've been after one for about two months now, and I finally got my hands on one! It is positively adorable and tiny. I already want a second one! (Let me know if you've got one for sale haha!)

Next, I got a talky Sylveon from the Sylveon group buy I hosted a while ago! Waah, look how cute it i!! The packaging is adorable! Unfortunately, it's so big that it doesn't fit on my Sylveon collection shelf, so that's a mystery I will need to solve eventually.. I'm also debating whether or not I want to take her out to play! I also got the lottery Sylveon plush, which I still haven't taken out of original packaging, so no photos yet, but soon!!

Here is a close up of some of my Sylveon figures~ A bunch of these are new! The penny is from the lovely raichu_love. We did a partial trade and she also sent me a cute little charm as a present! It's hanging from my phone right now~ Thanks love! The rest of the items I got from Teravolt and The Littlest Samurai! Ahh, look at how adorable all these Sylveons are!

Fiiinally, this is what I've been waiting for! The Sylveon bus pass! I have hunted and hunted for this, and have missed out on four auctions. I want to give a special shout out to princessharumi and acidmimi who helped me out by PMing me links to auctions. Thank you so much! I can't believe this adorable Sylveon is finally mine! I also wanted to thank everybody who has been so kind in helping me find this sweetie!

Here's a shot of my current Sylveon shelf! My collection is growing rapidly! Check out all these cuties!

As a bonus, here's a shot of my teeny tiny Latios/Latias collection, and my Entei figures! I haven't gotten any new Enteis in a long time, and I feel kind of bad because he's sort of been shunted off to the side since my new Sylveon collection started up.. ;u; Don't worry Entei, I'll be on the lookout for more of your things!

Finally, everything from my sales and group buy has been shipped! Please expect all domestic orders in a few days and international orders in about a week to two weeks!

You can find my permanent sales post here!


One more thing! I've heard that pan stickers can be reused because they don't lose their stickiness. Is this right? O: If so, I'd love to get a few for my phone or something!
Tags: eevee, eeveelution, espeon, flareon, glaceon, group buy, jolteon, leafeon, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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