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Shinx Collection update!

Just wanted to show my little shinx collection. It has become bigger than when I first posted for sure.
Got some lovely shinx plushies from sellers here! Want to thank all of them for making this possible again.
Well lets have a look at my shinxies!

Dat phone photo quality

Well here they are. Not the biggest collection yet, I know. But it's still growing and I really want to keep focussing on only the shinx evolution line. Sadly there aren't that many Luxio and Luxray plushies :c

I'll tell a bit about them from left to right;

Shinx pokedoll; Got him from a member of the community for a nice price. He wasn't that minty when I got him and had a few stains. But after a good handwash he looked new! Glad I bought him, I just love pokedolls and he's sooo soft.

Mystery dungeon Shinx; A cute Jakks plush, love the little scarf. c:

2007 Shinx Canvas Plush; He came in today and gosh, I love him. He's smaller than I expected him to be but he's just so cute ;w;

Talking Shinx Plush; Just love the sound he makes, really cute plush and also the biggest shinx plush I have now!

Toy Factory Shinx plush; This one also came in today, such a cutie. Hoping to find the bigger versions of him aswell because they are just too cute.

Shinx bootleg; The first shinx plush I got, didn't know about bootlegs back then. Still pretty well made. ^^

Laid Back Shinx; This little cutie is just sooo soft and adorable.

Also got two kids; shinx and luxio as you can see and some stickers and cards that I didn't get in the picture.

Thanks for looking, and if you have some shinx related stuff to sell I would love to know, i'm always looking for new things!

Tags: collection update, luxio, luxray, shinx
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