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Big sales! 1:1 starters, Pokedolls, pokedex figures, kids lot & MORE :)

Lots of stuff for sale!
1:1 XY starters, Pokedoll plush, Xerneas plush, Jakks plush lot, UFO catcher plush lot
Clear Kids lot
Full Color Advance / footprint / pokedex figures
Metal figures
& more!

Please look!

photo 4FCA2


  • Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.

  • I ship from NY, USA.  Prices do not include shipping (unless noted) or PP fees.  I charge .30 material fees.  I (usually, printer willing) buy postage on the computer, which is cheaper than buying it in the post office.  Shipping internationally is expensive and generally starts at around $7.  Larger orders go in boxes, smaller in polybags.

  • I accept Paypal ONLY.

  • Not responsible for Post Office oopsies.  Please enquire if you'd like insurance. The price quoted is for regular mail.  If you'd like Priority please ask.

  • Please pay for items within 24 hours.  No holds.  Be clear if you are committed or just asking for an shipping estimate. First committed buyer has priority. Indicate if you are committed!

  • All PKMNcollectors forum rules apply.

  • I have pets, so you may (will? lol)  find a stray hair.  Non-smoking home.

  • Please note your postcode or country for shipping.

  • When paying, indicate your user name on the PP form

USA Pokedolls are $20 shipped in the USA ($17 w/o shipping)
photo 1
photo 2

photo 4
photo 5

Ok so I put these up as lots on Ebay and the buyer didn't pay :/
So instead of relisting, I'm going to offer them as lots for what they sold for on Ebay first.

This is for a lot of gently used Jakks Pokemon plush.  Each plush has a tush tag but no hang tag.  Included are Manaphy, Shellos East and West, Cherubi, Meditite, Zubat, Mesprit, and an electronic Monferno.  Monferno is in working condition but needs 2 AA batteries.
$20 - Shipped in a Polybag, this lot only - $8 domestic, $22 int
photo 1

Lot of Japanese UFO catchers, $35, Shipped in a Polybag, this lot only - $8 domestic, $22 int
This is for a lot of various Banpresto Pokemon UFO catcher plush.  Authentic plush I got from Japan.
- Pikachu, good condition w/ tag
- Snivy, loved condition w/ tag
- Mime Jr, good condition, tush tag only
- Emboar, good condition w/ tag
- Tepig Tomy, good condition w/ creased tag
- Piplup, good condition w/ tag
- Plusle, good condition, tush tag only
- Oshawott good condition w/ tag
- Bronzong, very loved condition, tush tag only
photo 4

Full Color Advance / footprint / pokedex figures:
$3 ea: Registeel, Slaking, Glupin, Shiftry, Hariyama, Wurmple, Cascoon, Cradily, Anorith, Armaldo
$5 ea: Deoxys, Chimecho, Venusaur, Ludiculo, Masquerain
$8 ea: Zigzagoon, Plusle, Plusle & Minun together, Mewtwo, Jirachi, Zapdos, Manetric
Wailord & Castform not for sale
I will trade for a Duskull!

Shiny Butterfree kid, some marks on back. $8
photo 5photo 4

Eevee $5, Espeon $8, locks (no key) $1 ea
photo 2

These all have holes, like pencil toppers... Ninetails $4, Moltres $3, others $1
photo 1

Metal figures-
Starmie .25 (bad condition, will only ship w/ other items purchased)
All others $1 ea EXCEPT:
Mew, Gengars $5 ea
photo 5
photo 4
photo 3
photo 2

Weird little hard figures. I have no idea what they are... They are tiny.
Vaporeon & Jolteon $3 ea
Gengar & Slowbro $1 ea
photo 5

Mini models? Full color stadiums?
Slowbro $4
Clear figures $1 ea
(bulba sold)
photo 4

Lot of Japanese McDonalds toys, all for $5
photo 3

19 older clear Kids. May have various concerns, such as paint rubs, but are in mostly decent condition. Selling as a lot for $20.
photo 1
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