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Intro + Collection + Wants

Hello everyone! I'm not exactly new to the community as I've been lurking for a few months but I decided to introduce myself and hopefully make some friends in this lovely community. :D
I'm Ari. I'm a 22 year old student. I've been in love with Pokemon for as long as I can remember and I'm super excited to be able to join here and interact with others who also share my love of the series and characters.
I haven't been collecting for a while and decided to start collecting again just last year, although the only new thing I've gotten since then is Pokemon X.
Some of my other hobbies are cooking, sewing and video games. I also collect anime merchandise(mostly figures) along with Pokemon stuff.

My collection currently only consists of a few things, it used to be much bigger but unfortunately I lost a lot of stuff thanks to moving frequently for a while. This is what my current collection looks like:

imagephoto (1)
My pride and joy is the Pikachu card binder, I purchased the little guy at the Warner Bros. store during my first trip to New York and its been with me for almost 15 years since.

While I'm doing this I'd like to get some wants out there. I'm currently looking into starting an Eeveelutions(I'm partial to Vaporeon and Sylveon) and Fennekin collection so I'm looking for any items related to them. I'm also looking for an Espurr plush.
My #1 Priority is finding this if anyone has it and would like to sell it please let me know: Sylveon 3DS Cover

Thanks for reading!
Tags: eeveelution, fennekin, introductions, wanted
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