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Received Big Boi- Skymin photostory & collection update

I received the 20" Skymin plush today!
The box it came in was ridiculously small- I was surprised it fit in there!
Anyway here's a photostory with featuring Karen the Raichu, Milkybar the Skymin), Banbi (Skymin plush), Charrrr & Bubbbb.


Thanks Bubbbb!

"Are you comfortable?"
"Deshu! For Aresus sake no I'm not!"

Everyone left kinda disappointed- but anyway below is my Shaymin collection- consisting mostly of Skymins but there are a few groundhogs in there too...

Yes Rejectboi is the rejects sold by Ectransfer...he's very floppy and cannot stand or sit very well- really disobedient...
But cute anyway!
Skymin is my second favourite Pokemon- or is it on the same par as Raichu? Only time will tell I guess- but Raichu is my main love!
Though the Raichu's are getting worried....
That's why Karen & Milkybar don't get on- the leaders of two tribes have a problem with each other- is it love?


They both turn away embarrased....
Tags: charmeleon, raichu, shaymin, skymin, wartortle

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