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Garage sale: everything $8 or less (most under 5)

Decided to make a small sale to get rid of all my old Pokemon stuff. feel free to look around :3

ok sale policies:
***Payment methods: I accept paypal(prefered in US funds), conceiled cash and money orders in canadian funds. Items will be sent when payment is received. Minimun purchase of 1$. If you choose to purchase any item you may choose 1 free item (as marked) with that purchase.
***Shipping: Prices vary by method shipped and size of the items, usually starting at 3 dollars for a very small item(s) to 10 for a very large package. I combine shipping on multiple items. I'm located in canada and ship internationally.
***Trades: I also except trades in exchange for items. I collect lickitung and lickilicky stuff I don't already own (check my collection here to see what I have already). With trades I will send my part out as soon as I have seen your part.

Ok let's start

Hasbro 1998 Pikachu plush: good condition. $2

Poseable Mewtwo plush with pokeball. aged but otherwise good. $8 or best offer.

Pokemon Trivia challenge book, still in original package and in perfect condition. 2$

Mewtwo straw hugger-Talking Pikachu-Giant plastic Mewtwo Figure 2$ each

Custom zapdos bell plush. stands about 3 inches tall and is made of felt. $3

Mewtwo roller toy-custom ditto charms- custom chibi shiny mudkip figure- Mewtwo BK toy (doesn't light up) 1$ each

FREEBIES. ones free with every item purchase or 25 cents each. TCG coins(Vileplume and Dialga, custom pins, broken scyther, chancey with marking on foot, crappily colored mewtwo eraser, aerodactyl bootleg, playing card and stickers.
Tags: chansey, custom, ditto, mewtwo, mudkip, pikachu, sales, zapdos
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