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Plush, plush, plush!

I know I shouldn't be... but I am! Damn these well priced lots! *shakes fist* Just today, I won a pokedoll lot of 4! I would like to extend a VERY~~ big thank you to daynipp  for pointing this lot out to me! Once again, you have given me the gift of awesome Pika goodness! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH~!!! <333 I hope to return the favor someday.

Anyway, I have a Plusle and Minun pokedoll for sale from that lot. Details under the cut!

First up, the lot I won today!

As always, I am keeping Pikachu, but also Bulbasaur. He's gonna be a gift for my boyfriend. :3 Plusle and Minun, obviously, still have their tags and appear to be in perfect condition. The seller said they were a fellow collector, so hopefully they treat their pokedolls like we do. They are both $15 each or $25 if bought together. Also, I have a Pikachu pokedoll in my possession from a previous ebay win. It's been very loved by it's previous owner, so it's not as soft and mint as it once was. But it's still kinda soft and isn't in too bad shape. If you'd like a pic, feel free to ask. He'll be $8. He has no tush tag, either.

Plusle: SOLD
Minun: SOLD

Also, there are still Jakks plush and Mewtwo still available in my last group buy post. I haven't gotten these in the mail yet, but I'm hoping to soon. I'm actually quite relieved I won it. I had been searching for a good price on that particular Pikachu plush for quite awhile, but to no avail. The fact that it also had the KFC Vulpix plush was quite an added bonus. ^_^

See you guys later in the chat tonight! :3 I should be able to log in this evening... if not, I'll try for tomorrow evening. ^^;

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