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Pokekids Auction!

 Okay so, I know I'm still a newbie in this community, so this may be frowned upon, but I'd like to attempt a group auction for this community. Recently on Ebay a rather large lot of Pokekids popped up, as seen here,

Notes from the auction - 

They are all used gently. some of them are in a good condition.

Some has the pre-owned name of the back of the figures.

Now I personally, am only diehard for Growlithe, Poochyena, Caterpie, and Mudkip, and Possibly Tododile/Nidoking/one Raichu if interest isn't expressed for them.  

I would love it if I could get one of the Mod's to aide me with this as well, in hopes of keeping everything fair. But the way I was thinking it, is we could either do an auction starting at a couple dollars for each kid, then people could bid on the ones they want, or I could get help from you guys, the members, at figuring out a fair first come first serve price for them.

I personally don't know the rarities of these though, so I'd rather do the auction each kid, and highest bidder gets them, just to be fair to everyone else who might be in my boat and not know what to pay for them.

This lot still has 5 days on it, so I figured we could figure out what to do regarding this lot, have 2-3 days to bid, then I, or if you guys would rather, a more senior member could put in the final bid then figure out shipping.

So what do you guys think?

Link to larger images - http://moourl.com/9liak

Also, here is my ebay page so you guys can check my feedback - http://myworld.ebay.com/mizu_rei

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