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Sales & auctions, bootleg help,/ misc. pictures

I don't know what it is but I'm not too keen on most of the gen 4/ 5 tomy figures. And now gen 4 tomy figures are twice as expensive (lol @ mismagius price on eBay)
So I'm selling some of the ones I have that aren't my favorites
I am also doing an auction for a few of them
Below is the auction followed by a few tomy figures I'm trying to find a good home for
Sales Rules:
Sales permission granted on 2/23/13 by entirelycliched
Payment by paypal only
I ship from the United States and will ship internationally
I ship from a non smoke free home
Prices in USD
My livejournal, pkmncollector, feedback can be found here
I usually ship Tuesday/ Thursday

About Auction:
  -Bidding starts at $2, $3 for box figures and goes up by $1
    -Auto buy for a figure auction is $6
    -Please no deleting threads, if you have money concerns, you can PM me about me
     -Sniping will add another 5 minutes
      -Shipping and paypal fees are not included, please ask questions if concerned Shipping starts at $2.55 US and between  $6.55 to $10              depending on size
       -Tracking is another $2
        -If you don't get tracking, I am not responsible if the package is lost and won't be able to refund

The auction ends 3/11/14 at 16:35:00 PST. Countdown timer is here:

Tomy figures
MIB figures
Swampert starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Slaking starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
4th gen figures
Piplup starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Empoleon starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Chimchar Starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Munchlax starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Mr Hippo starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Weaville starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Chatot starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
5th gen figures
Darmanitan starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Scraggy starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Throh starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Terrakion starts @ $4 or instant buy for $6
Virizion starts @ $4 or instant buy for $6
Cobalion starts @ $3 or instant buy for $6
Or All 3 dog trio instant buy for $15
Emboar starts @ $4 or instant buy for $6
Zekrom-Kyurem overdrive tomy figure
start @ $4 or autobuy for $6
When did I get this thing!
Etc figures
Transparent tomy Latios/ Latias start @ for $4 each or instant buy $12 for both
Derpy Spinda bootie start @ $1 or insant buy for $4
Spinda needs a hug

Forgot these pictures
All start @ $3 and auto buy @ $6
All start @ $3 or auto buy @ $6
If you want to autobuy an item then respond to the appropriate tab

Some regular sales:
Goldeen  $2
Seaking  $1
Drowzee $2
Alakazam $2
Venonatstart  $2
Venomoth  $1
Squirtle  $1
Wartortle  $1
Pidgeot  $2
Weedle $2
Metapod  $2
Sandslash $1
Primeape  $2

Free ones!!! Could be bootlegs not sure:
They look iffy but I don't know if they're legit
~Yay sales
Is this Wooper a bootleg?
Its smile and paintjob is weird

Fun pictures:
Two differently painted Zekrom tomy figures
One is from its own individual box and one is from the Movie box set
DSC03692Their eyes are really the only difference. The movie box set is the one on the left and has a brighter red color, it is more sleek and brighter then the other one
The itty bitty Umbreon tomy
It's sO00oooo tiny/ precoius >_<

Sorry for such a long post, got too much in my room that they are overflowing and taking up a lot of space
Need more room for Froakie, Inkay, Feltching, and more gen 6 pokemons
Tags: auction, chatot, chimchar, collection, darmanitan, emboar, froakie, latias, latios, munchlax, piplup, sales, scraggy, slaking, spinda, swampert, throh, tomy, umbreon, wooper, zekrom
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