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Collection update + pokedoll for sale

I barely ever do collection updates D: I must fix this. Here's most of the stuff I've collected over the summer~

Also a Jigglypuff pokédoll for sale.

I received this guy from Alliluli (uh... sp?) on ebay, and omg yay <33 I don't normally name plushies, but I've dubbed this one Snuffles, because his nose is all pushed to one side. XD; Poor thing, but I think it gives him character.

Eeeeeeee! The cutest Pokedoll EVER also came in the smallest box EVER. At first I didn't even believe it was Skitty at all. XD But yayyyy I've wanted her for a while and snagged her for a very reasonable price. Loooove.

I almost cried happy tears when I opened these puppies! Being a silly child, I of course threw the boxes out when I received the games so long ago - and actually sold Yellow at one point ;_; but I am SO happy to see these again. Thank you so much, pacificpikachu! They even have manuals. *so happy*

On the same note, I forgot to take a picture of them but I received Pokémon Crystal from iammyworld not too long ago, and a totodile charm from rinkatink! Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

This one just arrived today! A trade with yaoi_queen, who was super patient while waiting for me to finish all my commissions. ^^; Thankyouuu! She's so soft, I love her to death.

I was on a 'floon-making spree and went ahead and made this suggestion. Thanks for the idea, shootthetanks! Hope you like it ;)

It seems I can't hold onto these guys long enough to get a rainbow of them, but I managed to get a group shot before I mailed out the shiny one to lineaalba today. When I'm in the mood I'll have to make more. Their adorable little faces make me happy whenever I see them.

Aaaand to the sale.

Jigglypuff Pokédoll $13
I actually bought this along with a Chikorita from pacificpikachu not too long ago, but school's started and I'm scrounging for money again. It's in loved condition but clean.
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