Ritzy (iridescentfox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Leafeon

I made this not too long ago and realized I never showed it off to the community! XD; Some of you may remember the Umbreon backpack I did not too long ago. Well, I revamped and made a completely different pattern for this Leafeon backpack. Allow me to state that I know the head/face is shaped slightly differently than how it's suppose to be if I was making it directly from reference pics. I actually like it a lot better this way (bit of creative license) and it is just for me. ^^

The angle is a bit weird because of how I had to position myself to take the pic, but this is pretty much how he'll hang when I have him on my back. ^^

I am in love with how the tail turned out with its "leaf vein" details and all. n_n

Lining bags = GODSEND. Seriously. Do not make a bag unless you line it, otherwise you are asking for usage problems down the line.

There's always room for improvement, but at this stage in my plush making experience I am very happy with how I'm coming along. :3 I'm working on another plush style and another bag. If you ever want to check out the stuff I'm working on or have completed feel free to have a look at my devART account.

So if you're at an anime con and you see this bag on someone.. It's me. XD Feel free to say hi, I like talking to people. :3 AWA will be the first con I get to test him out.
Tags: custom, leafeon
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