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Multi-purpose re-arrange and sale and zukan auction!

We re-arranged our collection~! Everything looks a lot nicer now :3
we haven't bought anything really recently, with the exception of a T-shirt.
Have a lookie in the cut!
warning~ Image heavy. O.o

Our zukan are now on our dresser :D

We now use our ladder as an imaginary shelf XD

Little bit of plushies on the shelf rack now, because we re-located them to our desk area.

Here is our desk setup now! Almost all of our plush live happily here. Only a few things have changed, ie, Tina and Pickles now have cat collars (XD) and Dr. Chopper has glasses. <3

And here's the sweet shirt I've been chasing after at walmart. They had XS and S sizes, and I went a little while later and they had XXL. Considering it's a child shirt... IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!

Also, I'm in a bit of a bind! I'm moving soon, and I've got to get rid of this stuff. I need some money for when we move, every little bit counts. Everything's at a great price, and I wanted to present it to you guys first!

Two card boxes, great condition. 2.00 each

Jirachi the Wishmaker DVD: 5.00
Nintendo guide Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness: 4.00
Leaf Green Fire Red Pocket Guide: 1.00
The best of pokemon adventures: 5.00

Tropical Island binder: Doesn't include the cards, just the binder. 5.00. Here's a shot of the inside:

Charizard box AND damage counters: 4.00

Electronic Psyduck: Doesn't work anymore, no matter what. I bought it on sale at TRU, and it was broken to begin with. Still looks good though, 3.00
Lairon: 1.00 (has headbutting action holyshit!)

Charizard gold card: just the gold card, 1.00

Pikachu and Marrill: I do believe these were on a larger plush and fell off. 2.00 for both or 1.50 for each

Rayquaza box of trainers and energies! Stacks and stacks (almost bursting at the seams) of energies and trainers included. 8.00. It's heavy though, so shipping may be a little more.

That's all that's included. There's rare and uncommon trainers from all kinds of sets.

Turtwig UFO: 4.00
Chimchar UFO: 3.00
Treecko keychain: 2.50

Chou Gettos: 1.50 each.

Groudon Tin: 3.00

x2 metal pikachus: .50 cents
x2 metal lugias: .50 cents
Jirachi: .50 cents
Celebi: .50 cents
x2 Pikachus: .25 cents
Manaphy: .75 cents
Munxlax: .50 cents
energy: .25 cents
pog thingies: .25 cents each

volbeat: .50 cents
Tentacool: .50 cents
togepi: .25 cents
Makuhita: .50 cents
Lileep: .50 cents
Psyduck: .50 cents
Castform sunform: .75 cents
pikachu vs vigoroth: .25 cents
corsola: .75 cents
Doduo: .50 cents
Makuhita: .25 cents

Jakks Golem: .50 cents
BK Hitmonlee: .50 cents
Aipom (comes with marble): 1.50
BK Squirtle: .75 cents
BK Sandslash: .50 cents

TOMY Wigglytuff: .50 cents
TOMY Onix: .25 cents
TOMY Kadabra: .75 cents
Treecko: .75 cents
Bagon: .75 cents(on hold)
Pikachu Cellphone charm: 1.00

Geodude bean: .25 cents
Graveller bean: .25 cents
Baltoy bean: .50 cents
azurill figure: .75 cents
cacnea bean: .75 cents
Donphan bean: .75 cents

TCG book and mat are 2.00 for both.


.10 cents for each of these stickers!

sandshrew , sandslash , x2 rhyhorn , x2 rhydon , diglett , dugtrio , geodude , graveler , kabuto , marowak , omastar , aerodactyl

x3 mr mime , moltres , x2 ponyta , x2 rapidash , x2 drowzee , vulpix(on hold) , flareon , x2 gastly , x2 hypno , voltorb , electrode , x3 magneton

x2 krabby , x2 squirtle , wartortle , golduck , x2 magikarp , starmie , x3 tentacool , tentacruel , x2 goldeen , seaking , x2 poliwag , seel , x2 dewgong , slowpoke , shellder, x2 poliwhirl , x2 poliwrath , horsea , seadra

machop , x3 weedle , kakuna , beedrill , machoke , x2 pinsir , x2 venonat , paras , x2 parasect , mankey , machoke , scyther , x2 caterpie , x2 metapod , primeape , x2 hitmonchan , x2 hitmonlee

x3 nidoran male , nidorino , grimer , x2 muk , x2 nidoran female , x2 weezing , golbat , ekans , arbok , x2 oddish , x2 exeggcute , x2 exeggutor , tangela , x2 bellsprout , weepinbell

x2 tauros , x2 rattata , x3 chansey , x4 ditto , pidgey , pidgeotto , pidgeot , snorlax , kangaskhan , x2 spearow , x3 fearow , wigglytuff , porygon , doduo , clefable , jifflypuff

these are .50 cents each team rocket sticker, taken charmander stack sticker, taken

These stickers are .25 cents each

Taken: Girafarig, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Mismagus, Misdreavus, Shinx, Luxio, Luxray,Kadabra rectangle, Wooper rectangle, Quagsire rectangle, Staravia rectangle, flying palkia, raichu, milotic x3, lucario, mothim , onix, buizel, barboach

Please specify which sticker you want, the page it's on and what not.

also, have this lugia zukan for auction!

Starting at 5.00. It's sealed and in perfect condition. Auction will end Tuesday 9:00 PM EST.

as usual, I have misc things up on my journal, dvds, manga, trading cards, and beanies, Ive added quite a bit of stuff.

Thanks for bearing with me @_@ everything must go!!~
our paypal is
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