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Ramen sticker auctions!

I was granted sales permission by allinia on 8/8/12. My feedback is here.
All pkmncollectors rules apply to my sales. All items come from a smoke-free home with one hypoallergenic dog, but all items are stored away.
I ship from the US. I will be using the USPS online calculator for shipping prices and will let you know if I am using a envelope, bubble mailer, or box. I also charge paypal fees. I will ship internationally.
Payment is due within 24 hours of invoice. Payment plans and delayed payments (holds) can be discussed, but your feedback will matter. I will keep proof of shipment, but I can not refund or replace mail that has been lost or damaged. Please ask for insurance if you are concerned.

The following Pokémon are in this auction: Noivern, Gogoat, Swirlix, Pancham, Pangoro, Xerneas, Yvetal, Inkay, and Malamar.
All ramen stickers start at $1. Bids end on Saturday, 3/15 at 12:00pm Eastern time.
Shipping for the stickers are $0.70  in the US and $1.15 for international.
RamenSticker7 RamenSticker1RamenSticker3RamenSticker4RamenSticker5RamenSticker2Yvetal2014-03-12 14.18.46
Tags: auction, gogoat, inkay, noivern, pancham, xerneas, yveltal
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