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scizor wants! andddddd gets! and a collection update?! AND A GRAIL?!

Well, let's try this again, only this time with less pixels! (thank you to haepbrosonearth, classypersian, acidmimi, and j_ule for your kind comments on the last post <3)

First off, I'm looking for everything Scizor, especially this here TOMY:

But I'd also like the keshipoke figures, kids, BMF, FCS, etc...any Scizor figures you have! :D I've fallen in love with this badass metal bug, and I'd love to make a collection! I've already got the zukan on the way to me thanks to white_chocobo :D


When baconscreation listed the Bell Plush auction, I was like nah, Dragonair won't be there...well guess who was wrong?! Thank you so much for taking my money! :D It's so tiny and adorable, look at its size compared to the Mew Pokedoll I also got from baconscreation!

I'm just sitting here, quietly spazzing...eeeeeeeeee

Okay I'm a bit calmer now, let's look at some gets!

First is this amazing Lapras metal figure from dialny! It's so tiny and wonderfully detailed :D

Next is this awesome DX Lapras kid I found on ebay! It was new in package and came with some clear eeveelution kids :D I felt kind of bad unwrapping him, since he'd been mint since 1999...

The leaning tower of Laprases...Laprasi...Laprapodes? Canvas from kumatora, Banpresto from tryndamere, and the I<3Marine is from Japan Video Games!

Look at that Lapras zukan! Thank you baconscreation! <3 (the note is from my bf, Lapras guards it :D)

Fairy plane Banpresto and Jakks plush! Man, I love Togekiss so much...expect to see more of him <3

And this wonderfully adorable Absol bath salt figure from eledora! :D

Collection time! Here's a pic of my tower of plush!

First off, my main collection, Dragonair! I love this little dragon wingaling snakey to pieces! Also in this pic is my small (but growing!) Milotic collection ^^

Next, the Absols and the Vaporeons. I don't have a lot of either (there's too many Vaporeons), but I do have some rarities, like the Absol bell keychain (thanks flygons!) and the bath salts figure :)

Here's the tiny Cresselia parade :D

And then my ghosties/Scythers/Gardevoir/burgeoning collections corner ^^

Obligatory Pokedoll shot...

And a smattering of Eeveelutions!

Thank you so much for taking a look at my post, and as always here's my wants list :D
Tags: absol, bell plush, collection, cresselia, dragonair, drifloon, eeveelution, lapras, milotic, scizor, vaporeon, wanted
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