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Intro time.

Hello everyone ~ I'm "chaosoftwilight" or just "Twilight". OR just "Twi".

I'm 18, an artist, a college student, and hopefully a future computer animator / video game designer. I've been a fan and collector of Pokemon (and other anime) since I was about 9.  Can't say I'm a truly obsessive collector, but I do buy a figurine here and there whenever I have the money. :D I live in Florida where hurricanes ominously threaten to blow away my house and all my stuff every year. D[ Hahaha.

I've been fascinated by this community so far - SO MANY CUTE LITTLE POKEMON! So, here's my go at it. Hopefully I dont rant too much. XD

First off -


These are the Pokemon I strive to collect! >:3

Signature Favorites:
- Lugia
- Eevee (+ all evolutions, especially Espeon and Umbreon)

Ryu (Dragons) Set:
- Dratini / Dragonite
- Larvitar / Tyranitar
- Bagon / Salamence
- Aron / Aggron
- Trapinch / Flygon
- Swablu / Altaria

Okami (Wolves) Set:
- Vulpix / Ninetales
- Poochyena / Mightyena
- Houndour / Houndoom
- Electrike / Manectric
- Shinx / Luxray
- Absol


- Squirtle / Wartortle / Blastoise
- Totodile / Feraligatr
- Chinchou / Lanturn
- Ralts / Gardevoir
- Nidorina / Nidoqueen
- Articuno
- Raikou
- Rayquaza

Also I like Flying Pokemon in general. And I know, not all in the Okami Set are actually wolves. It's just my name for the set. I'm not so interested in the middle stage evolutions (e.g. i prefer trapinch or flygon over vibrava). ^.^;

As you can see, these are a lot of Pokemon...I have many favorites!! XD

My goal is to collect a little bit of each.

I'm not looking to collect every item out there, but just one or two things of my most loved pokemon is enough for me. And more than enough for my budget :'D

Now onto my stuff!

I hate photos with bad lighting.. DX

Lugia sits atop my monitor, guardian of my computer :o

Eeveelutions! These are the original Tomy figures. I'm trying to get the new ones too..

Celebi at my window~

My little Rayqua pokeball


These darlings are my favorite plushies...

Plushie collection~

SQUiRTLE collection! He was my very first pokemon in the games. ;]






NORMAL and FiGHTING types:

WATER types:

GROUND and ROCK types!

GRASS, POiSON, and BUG types:

Hoenn starters:



GS Pokemon Pikachu 2! I used to have the first one too.. I miss my little pika's T^T

Pokemon TCG League Badges! I earned these myself. :]

various playing cards:

the original Pokedex!

BK gold-plated trading cards:

This is my shelf of figurines! There's more than just pokemon here.. but they get along with the digimon and others. :3

In the round case are pokemon rolly-stamps. Pikachu's a stapler and Bulbasaur's a pencil sharpener. The Pocket Monsters tin is very nice.. I wonder where i got it?

limited edition gamecube with custom skin - all X.D.: Gale of Darkness themed!

DS, with Palkia charm attached! And my lucky Eevee keychain, along with Dialga stylus.

My PKMN TCG binder!

There's more stuff.. including mini figurines and cardsss~ But i think this is enough for now. ^^;

If I learn how to run it correctly, I'll have a Sales Post someday.
Any Pokemon you've seen in my collection so far, that are not in my list of favorites, will likely be available for you to buy. I have some more things too that you have yet to see. :o

If you have questions or want to request photos, I'll be happy to help you! Thanks for looking!


Tags: blastoise, collection, eevee, figures, lugia, pikachu, plush
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