mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom plush quote

I have been thinking. My favorite Pokedoll is Natu, and I would reallly love to have a custom DX Natu Pokedoll. I do plan on having someone make me one, but not for a few weeks. The thing is, I am VERY picky with customs, and it would have to look identical to the regular Pokedoll, same color, same fabric, same embroidered eyes. What would be a typical price range to expect for a foot tall plush with not many detailing, since hes just a plain green bird. Please let me know and I can delete this post if its against the rules :3
And here is a quick Pokedoll update :D I laid them all out for a photo shoot lol (although it looks like a picture from a GA xD). Still looking for an Altaria, Corsola, Oddish, and Houndor.

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