Ali (accio_pond) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long awaited collection update!

I'm FINALLY home for Spring Break, so I can finally update my collection! I updated my collection website with a ton of new pictures, but I'll just post some of them here. :D

Also funny story (meant to have pictures to go along with this but oh well), so I when I was younger I had the Torchic Hasbro Beanie along with Treecko. I've managed to NOT lose the Treecko. But as usual when cleaning/messing up my room over the years, my plush get lost/donated. When I stumbled upon the comm last year, I thought I still had the plush but guess what? I lost it. So I bought a replacement w/an attached hangtag on the comm. (along with Mudkip to complete the trio)

Fast forward to today. I come home from Spring Break. My mom cleaned my room, and cleaned out a lot of my old stuff and stored it away. As I was taking out plush from my collection shelf, I noticed something. I saw the top of a Torchic head with the hangtag attached, and another Torchic with no tush tag. Somehow, somewhere, my mom found my old Torchic. It was a nice surprise and I'm pretty happy about it. Has anything similar happened to you guys?

Anyway, onto the pictures!

Close-up of the awesome shirt I got from Wal-mart last week... it's a kids' XL shirt and it fits me... shhhh.

My entire collection, including my TCG stuff. (Minus my Froakie plush that I stupidly left at school... it would be the one thing I forgot. ;_;)
Closeups! :D

Also expect a video of my TCG collection in the coming weeks, I just recorded it today! I'll be posting it on my TCG/collecting Youtube channel. Thanks for checking out my collection post! :D
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