spiritbomb92 (spiritbomb92) wrote in pkmncollectors,

jakks pacific figure questions

Hey everyone. It has been a bit since I've made a post.

Anyways. I think I have decided what I would like to collext.

The Jakks Pacific figurines.

Many ways so I have some questions.

Does anyone know where I can find a list or database of all the jakks 3" figures?

I already have quite a few of them already but a list would help alot.

And to make this less boring I have some

Any figures or plush or stuff related to the mystery dungeon series.
Any jakks pacific figurines. I have too many to name lol


I dont have pics right yet but I will be getting something that is a major want to me, the mystery dungeon dialga plush!!!!!!!

Also did a trade and I have some diorama figures coming as well!!!

Let me know what you got!
Tags: wanted
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