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An awesome find!

I visited JapanTown (San Francisco) today, specifically Nijiya Market, a Japanese grocer with a good variety of things. I found this here inside their toys section, and thought "Whoa, bobbleheads, cool!" and took a look for what they had. I bought one on mostly a whim, expecting it to be kinda small. If you look at the box, I thought the image was the life size of the bobblehead. Man, was I wrong:

Look at the size of that Lucario! It's not the size of your standard full-sized Bobblehead, but it's more than I expected! I love it! (Pictured with my GBA SP for size comparison)

This is the side of the box with the other images. MAN! I want that Shinx! It's just way too CUTE! It's got this :D!! kind of face, y'know?

Anyways, I think it's awesome and am still keeping my eyes open for the Shinx. The store only had the other three. I'm under the impression this Lucario's a girl, too, because it has a hole in its frontside for mounting it on the base, and it's right between its legs. Too far from the backside to be the OTHER kind of hole, too... XP
But yeah, I still love the bobblehead! It's cute!

Also, I have a couple of extra Gachapon charms that are now doubles. One of these that's now doubled is Drifblim. I plan to repaint it as a shiny. The other is a pair of Lugia charms I got. I'm either going to paint one shiny and the other Shadow, or both of them one of each. What do you guys think? I'll post the finished results when it's done.
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